Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas, from Woodlee Junction!!!

The Woodless have been missing for a while. We didn't really know where they'd gone.

Turns out, they got this awesome job with the North Pole as "Kindness Elves" which sounds pretty awesome.

They're back now. Little by little they're returning, and it sounds like they had a super great time helping kids be kinder for Christmas.

But it also sounds like they're glad to be home.

Welcome home, little Woodlees! Merry Christmas!!!

- Wendy


  1. Wow, they had a very important job to do! Glad to see them again. Merry Christmas to all the Woodlees.

  2. Huh, I wondered where they'd gone. Nice to see them back, I guess. Sounds like a good gig, working for Santa.