Saturday, June 22, 2013

Woodlee Computer Expert, Maggie - by Wendy

Things have been just crazy in Woodlee Junction.

A whole heap of Woodlees went to Norm's to find homes on Wednesday. 20 little Woodlees looking for homes.

And now, just three days later, there are only SEVEN still looking for homes!


So things have been super busy since June 1st, when the Woodlees first became available for adoption from Norm's Dollhouse.   

Picture from Woodlees in Hittyville (
Things got missed. Important things, like the arrival of the Woodlees in Hittyville.

Picture from The Woodlees Busy Day (

Wendy doll and SuzieQ sent us more pictures, but everyone was too busy to upload them. 

It was just getting ridiculous, and something had to be done.

So we hired Maggie, our new internet genius and public relations specialist.

She mostly seems to hang out at Norm's and works on her trusty laptop. She said it's quieter there, and Norm's has good wifi.

Welcome, Maggie! And thanks for coming! I feel more organized already!

- Wendy


  1. Hi Maggie and welcome! So glad you are here to give Wendy, Eve, and the other Woodlees some help! And as a side note, Wendy, we have oddly similar naming tastes. So much for naming my incoming Woodlee Margaret with Maggie for short :D She can still be Margaret but will need a different nickname that is not Maggie or Mardy since you have Woodlees with both those names.

  2. Hey Doll Guardian! I am so grateful to have Maggie here already. I hate computers and it has not been a good computer day, so I am very glad to have someone to hand that kind of thing over to now. :)

    Dolls tend to tell their owners their names. My Maggie likes being called "Mags" by her friends, but not in print. I know that I'm not the only Wendy in the world, and there's even a gorgeous, red headed doll who shares my name! There can be more than one Marty, Mardy, or Maggie! :)

  3. Hi Wendy! I'm so glad things are going so well and your Woodlees are finding homes so quickly. :o)

    1. Thanks, Bama! Me too! 'Cause the longer they hang around, the harder it is to let them go! :)

  4. Success at Woodlee Junction. It's all a go and how wonderful that Maggie has come along to help.

  5. This is great news. There must be some super-happy people with new Woodlees. xo Jennifer