Monday, June 17, 2013

Pictures From a Woodlee Friend - by Wendy

Wendy here. Hello!

I first started making Woodlees because a lady name Julianne came into Norm's with some little wooden, bendy dolls she ordered online, and I thought they were sorta cute.  They were mass produced, and missing "something" and that's what lead me to make my own.

Julianne adopted the first Woodlee ever to leave Woodlee Junction. She told me her little red headed Woodlee's name is Wendy.:)

She sent me pictures of Wendy Woodlee hanging out with her friend SuzieQ at Susie's house.

Wendy is happy to hang out with SuzieQ while she's waiting for her family to arrive.

Wendy's family will probably get their own house once they're all there. But SuzieQ doesn't seem to mind having a roommate until then.

Julianne says the pair do everything together and are the best of friends.

They can frequently be found just hanging out, enjoying the Summer.

And here they are visiting with SusieQ's grandparents. Wendy is just like one of the family. :)

Julianne doesn't have a blog or Flickr for her dolls and the gorgeous dollhouses she build (though I'm trying to talk her into one), so she let me post her pictures here. :)

It makes me so happy to see one of the Woodlees out and about and having a great life with a new Companion. If you've got a Woodlee, but don't have a blog or a way to share pictures, email them to me (wendy at normsdollhouse dot com) with details about your doll and their new life and I'll post them here!

Hope you're having a wonderful Monday! Thanks for reading my blog!  :)

- Wendy


  1. How sweet! She picked the perfect name for her too!

    I hope Julianne will eventually have a blog. She will see how much fun it is.

  2. Darling! My Flossy and Sophie are besties too. That makes it so fun! xo Jennifer

  3. Hi Person Wendy! Looks like Woodlee Wendy has a great new life with her friend SusieQ. These little wooden dolls are so sweet and I'm really impressed that you make them. I actually first came upon them on another doll blog (The Hittyville Gazette!) and did not realize they were from you!

    Wendy, could you pretty please sent me an e-mail? You should have my e-mail address. I would be so grateful :)

    PS: Wonderful to see the darling Gage a couple of posts ago!