Friday, April 19, 2013

Eve's Evening

I'm finally here! Woodlee Junction! Woo Hoo!!!

I have to say, I was a little surprised to find another doll already here.

I'm the first. The first Woodlee Junction doll EVER.  It even says so, right here on my foot. See?

Turns out, Sally isn't a native, she's just visiting. She's a sweetie, which is great. It's nice to have some company until some other Woodlees show up.

It's really nice just kicking back and relaxing. Soon enough work will start, and there's lots to do, but for tonight... ahhh... relaxation at HOME.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sally Meets a Stranger

 Sally had worked very hard cleaning up the little book store she'd found.

 She didn't know where everything was supposed to go, but since there weren't any customers she figured it didn't really matter, and just did her best.

She watched the snow fall from one of the windows and was glad to be inside, where it was warm

 She'd already read this book once before, being a fairly fast reader.

But she had so enjoyed the Hitty book that she'd decided to read it again. She wished that she had someone around to discuss it with, and thought she'd bring a copy to her daughter when she went home.

Thinking about her daughter and how much she thought she'd enjoy the book made her wonder if the mail had come yet.

She had put the letter to her family out on the mailbox in front of the coffee shop, and though she'd never seen a delivery person, she figured if they wrote her back that would be where the letter would come. But so far, every day she checked (all 50 times a day she checked) it was always empty.

But this time, when she checked, while the mailbox was empty, she saw someone! 

Someone with a bag! Maybe a mail bag! She waved "hello" to the stranger and the stranger waved back.

 But it turned out the stranger wasn't a mail delivery person. She was a friend of Wendy's and her name was Eve.

 Eve seemed friendly, and even though Sally was a little sad she didn't come with a letter from her family, she thought it still might be nice to have someone to talk to.

She welcomed Eve into the coffee shop, very glad that it was all cleaned up and ready for company, and asked Eve if she'd ever read a book about a doll named Hitty...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sally, In The Wee Small Hours...

 It was rather late at night.

But Sally couldn't sleep.

Sometimes, late at night, she found herself missing her children, and her husband.

So she thought she'd write them a letter.

My dearest children, and my beloved Jacob,

I hope this letter finds you well, and doing fine. Woodlee Junction is quite a nice place and I am having a very nice time. Wendy seems like a nice lady, but she's not a very fast seamstress. I don't know how much longer I will be here, but I think it may be a while. I miss you all more than I can tell you. I hope you will write to me here and tell me all the wonderful, and fun things you are doing. When I am home, I will tell you all about the book store I found. It was quite a mess, but I have it almost all fixed up now. It's nice having something to work on while I'm waiting. 
All my love, my darlings,


She figured she would post it in the morning. On her way to the book store. 

And then she tried to get some sleep. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sally Goes Exploring

It's a cold, snowy day here in Woodlee Junction. I got all the measurements I needed from Sally, and I've been busily sewing. But I think this left poor Sally a little bored, and so she went exploring.

- Wendy


Sally first found what appeared to be a construction site

Very carefully she found her way up to the window to take a peek in.

She thought it would be quite nice, whenever it was finished.

She wanted to go in, but since it was still under construction she thought the best of it and kept exploring elsewhere.

Next, she found herself in front of a little gray building.  She couldn't imagine what it had been used for.

Sally peeked through the window, but it was all dark inside and the glass was foggy and she couldn't see.

Sally wasn't the kind of doll who would normally just barge into a place, but knowing she was the only doll in all of Woodlee Junction right now, she felt it would be just silly to knock.

It was a pretty little place, but Sally wasn't sure what kind of business it would be. She thought the shelves were nice, though. 

Finding the little shop cozy and nice, Sally determined that it would be a lovely whatever it was someday.

There wasn't much else to do in an empty shop, no matter how cute it was, and so Sally wandered on.

 "Hmm...'C&M'," thought Sally. "I wonder what it could stand for?

After a quick glance in the window...

... Sally found herself thinking (rather uncharitably) that it must stand for "Chaotic" and "Messy".

But she could see there were books, and she liked books, so she thought she might find one to take home and read.

It turned out, there were a LOT of books. Unfortunately, they were scattered everywhere. This place was a mess!

What started as Sally thinking she might sort through the mess and find a nice book to read...

 ... became sorting more and more books, and then became...

... getting all the books up off the floor...

...and finally turned into tidying up the whole place!

Well, the whole place excluding upstairs. Sally could see there would be work to do up there too, but maybe not today.

With all that sorting, Sally had found a book that sounded interesting, and tucking it up under her arm headed back to the house for a nice afternoon of reading and relaxing.

And now she had a project in mind for tomorrow!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sally's Visit

I have a new little friend staying with me. She belongs to a friend of mine, and while my friend didn't tell me this little doll's name, I think she's a Sally. So Sally she'll be while she's here.

She's hanging out with me so I can make her some new clothes and spiffy her up a bit. I imagine she'll be staying for just under a week or so. We'll see. Anyway, this is her first night here.

Sally's evening began with watching the hockey game on TV from the best seat in the house: Dollhouse Guy's front pocket.

Once we got home, I discovered that Sally can wear clothes that were made for another doll long, long ago. This is awesome for two reasons: it means she's got jammies for tonight and it means I've already got patterns to sew for her. Yaay!

Sally will be staying in one of the many dollhouses here. This one used to be a barn, but was converted into a house when the barn was no longer needed. I think it's a cozy little place. Sally seems pretty comfortable. In fact...

She dozed right off. Night night, Sally.

I think this must've been kind of an interesting day for Sally. She's got a family at home waiting for her, but they've all barely been out of their packages, and she's already off on an adventure all by herself! Up next, a little spiffying and sewing. I hope it all works out as well as Sally's frog pajamas.

I guess we'll see.